My secret mindset and habits for success and high-efficiency in daily business

Photo by Ann H from Pexels

What counts most?

Take away: Find out what’s really important for you

Measure performance to reach your goals

Take away: Define measurable, quantitative performance indicators to measure your success.

Optimization #1: Lifetime

Take away: Find out if you waste time and what you’re ready to invest to reach your goals

Optimization #2: Work time

Money = Time x Rate

Take away: Be self-critical and evaluate if you see room for optimization

Develop the ability to break down complicated things into smaller ones

Take away: Complexity is a matter of scale. Look closer and find the doable parts that build up the complex thing.

Get a personal project management system or task list

Phabricator work board for a blog post

Take away: No matter if it’s trello, jira or phabricator. Find a tool that fits your needs.

Learn to write tasks the right way

Take away: Writing good tasks needs practice. If you do it, do it right and write SMART tasks.

Plan your day ahead

Take away: Planning needs time, but it’s well spent and you’ll reach your goals in less time.

This is how I do it…



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