I’m working with stone age applications to pay my bills and react is a technology/framework that allows me to speed up work, bring new flavors into those monolithic dinosaurs and separate front end and back end developers/work packages. But also react is changing (evolving) a lot and the pace is high. That’s why I was refactoring/rewriting one of my first apps to apply latest (stable!) methodologies and frameworks.

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Management summary

It’s not that easy to create a sustainable react app template and there are many contradictory opinions. This selection is based on the following criteria sorted by importance to me:

  • Sustainability
  • Community…

I’m in the information technology business now for more than a decade and from the beginning on, I tried to optimize my working day. It was ever since a process of do->analyze->optimize and the uncertainty of life, changing responsibilities and personal expectations are continuously adding new variables to the underlying equations. But I think I’m doing quite well!

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This article is for everyone who strives to be successful in life — no matter if you just enrolled at university, if you strive to create your own business or if you’re running a multi-million dollar company. …

In a previous article, I was showing you how to create a .net5 webapp with the ultimate goal to containerize it using docker.

In this second part of , I will show you how to make your webapp consume data from your own database and how to turn this into a docker scenario where the .net5 web app container talks securely to a database container.

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I was heavily using relational SQL databases for ages and I would even call myself a SQL-Ninja. Oh boy… how flat my earth has been for years. There’s nothing wrong with relational databases if one knows their limitations.

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Relational database systems like Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc. are excellent choices for storing structured data. For the sake of simplicity, let’s consider them a good choice if the data to be stored is some kind of Microsoft Excel workbook with multiple sheets. Like an accounting journal, an address book or something similar.

And what RDBMs can also handle just…

I spent a few hours during the Christmas holidays to see if I could migrate my .net5 (aspnetcore) app and all of it’s components into Docker on my shiny new Synology DS220+ NAS. This is part one of the journey and the part-time goal is a .NET5 web application in a local Docker.

My .NET 5 (Microsoft removed the core branding recently) application helps me automating my day-to-day tasks, comes with reports about my time tracking and serves as a playground to try out new technologies.

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  • Debian or Ubuntu Linux to follow the guide here, but works with other…

Martin Horvath

I'm a consultant working on international projects in the field of geospatial data and customer experience, with a passion for technology and mountaineering.

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